We have spent a number of years developing and manufacturing our own door entry system, Sentinel 4+, or S4+ for short. Sentinel 4+ is a microprocessor controlled system with both functional and digital variations available in stainless steel panels, flush or surface mounted. An option of audio and video call entry phones and/or apartment stations, working on a 4 wire common bus network (ideal for system replacements utilizing existing cabling) Both functional (button per flat) and digital (dial in flat number) format panels have an L.C.D display to indicate a flat is calling, that the call has been answered and the door has been released etc, in full English dialogue. A trades button on the panel can be used to admit certain callers at restricted time periods or to offer a coded access number to be used.

Main Features

  • Unlimited number of call panels.
  • Over 1000 phones and/or apartment stations on any one system.
  • Up to 8 digit user programmable access code on all panels.
  • Handset privacy function to switch the handset off.
  • Green L.E.D door open indicator on handset.
  • In-built CCTV camera and/or proximity reader on any panel.
  • Intelligent line isolation option which disconnects faults if they occur and reconnects after the fault has been rectified.
  • Single button call panel which can be ‘stand alone’ or interfaced into any main sentinel 4+ system.
  • All systems offer fully private speech and lock release facility.
  • Meets & exceeds most local authority performance requirements.
  • Offers a “remote relay” facility.

As well as manufacturing, installing and maintaining our own system, we are also able to offer maintenance and assistance on many other systems, sourcing products and replacement parts from many well known UK distributors such as: Videx, BPT, Tyntec, GDX and many more.







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